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Are you ready to Wrassle?

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2100 Original Wrasslers are storming the ring to slam down in an EPIC, No-holds-barred, battle royale!

Parental Advisory
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Bring It On

2100 BAD ASSES of the retro-future who cannot be confined to one arena...

PREPARE YOURSELF for a brain-bashing experience in WEB3 interoperability

These maniacal fighters are the NEXT CHAMPIONS of our Metaverse Wrestling Federation!

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Packing In Punches

Eager to FIGHT??

Get your hands on a WRASSLERS CARD PACK!

This ain't your slimy cousin Brenden's allowlist mint pass raffle - Wrasslers uses hardcore onchain randomness for pack ripping.

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1100 individual hand-drawn layers of accessories, hairstyles & clothing


170,000 words of GPT-3 + human written backstories

Tossed in the WRASSLENATOR 2000 AI machine to create the sickest batch of psychopaths the metaverse has ever seen!

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Something Special

Nipple rings. Cuban cigars. Fuchsia pythons. Acoustic guitars. There is an attribute to make just about any Wrassler special. But one is so rare, you might only see it once in the whole collection:

Nuclear Skin

Was it a freak accident, or a horrific act of war that turned this maniac green?

Find em, and find out!

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Full Nuke
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Matt Salerno's Team Card